Don’t Get Ripped Off

If you want to advert in the local paper, you would contact the local paper wouldn’t you? So why is it people don’t go to Google for Google Advertising?

I recently had a customer say they were contacted by a company offer for £99 per month  they’ll have top position in Google! In order for a company to do this they need to pay Google. The cost of adverting is based on the keywords/phrases you choose in order for your advert to appear. Let’s say you have a holiday cottage here in Whitby, you would write a short advert selling your beautiful holiday cottage in Whitby then select the phrase ‘holiday cottage whitby’ and a budget. Anyone searching Google for a holiday cottage in Whitby will see your advert and hopefully click on it (which costs money) which in turn will take them to your wonderful website and hopefully a booking! It is likely that in this scenario if your advert is going to be shown above the competition it could cost you £3.00 per click. You’ve given a company £99 per month to manage this process, from which they need to make some money.

Assuming the company offering you the best position in Google only takes 50%, that leaves £49.50 for advertising costs which in turn means an extra 16.5 clicks per month!

The reality is from my experience, they don’t setup the adverts, just blind the customer with statistics and graphs, or run the adverts at lower cost per click.

Here’s what to do to stop these cowboys

Google Advertising is big business that’s why Google has a good team dedicated to setting up Adwords for you and even giving you credit. At the time of writing you only need to spend £25 and you’ll get £100.00 worth of advertising so you can give Adwords a good try. You will also be using all your spending on Advertising and not some cowboy marketing company.

Paying a company a setup fee is fair enough. Setting up Adwords takes time and research so at be prepared to pay for this service (that’s what we offer btw). Once the Adwords are setup they don’t require much management, but should be monitored and tweaked to ensure you’re get the best results for your money. Setup and ongoing management is something you should consider paying for but not your advertising costs!

Pay Google direct so you know how much is actually going on adverting, not some shabby two bit marketing company.