Using the most popular Content Management System in the world

Why we’re a company that uses WordPress

We are one of the growing companies that build websites using WordPress. WordPress now powers over 17% of the Internet, proving that it’s the most popular content management system in the world. WordPress is made of the three main elements; the WordPress code, the theme and the content. In theory once you are using a WordPress website you should never need to redevelop your website again, simply change the theme to achieve a fresh new look – Why would you choose anything else?

Make changes when you want online at anytime

The way in which sites are built have changed, you no longer need to rely on the people who built your website to make minor updates or change an image. You can do this yourself with a simple yet sophisticated powerful content management system (CMS).

Why CMS is an investment

The CMS (content) and design (visual) are separate,  since you’re likely be updating your website content over the years when it comes to wanting a new visual for your website you can simply apply it. We’ll update your CMS coding free of charge, when a new version becomes available you’ll be upgraded ensuring you’re always running the most current version. By creating your website around a CMS framework will greatly reduce future costs as you would simply pay for a new visual (design), you wouldn’t need to pay for redevelopment.


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