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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) available to find out more watch the video

Already have a website but want a WordPress website?

In a few simple steps we can take your exciting website including images, text, graphics and convert it into your very own bespoke WordPress theme.

Some websites we have converted recently to WordPress

With WordPress now powering over 17% of the Internet WordPress is the most popular user-friendly content management system available today. Investing in WordPress theoretically means that you will not need to redevelop your website again. If your website is looking tired you can simply create a new theme.

We can take your current website in any format including, ColdFusion, PHP, ASP and HTML and convert to WordPress normally within 10 working days. Furthermore, we’ll make sure your converted website is responsive (mobile & tablet friendly) and optimise the pages for search engine. We even create 301 redirects, this is where the website addresses (URL’s) of the old pages automatically directs to the newly created WordPress pages.

What we’ll do (every time):

  1. Create WordPress theme from existing website graphics etc.
  2. Check and correct mobile/tablet version
  3. Add meta data for Title and Description
  4. Create 301 redirects so the old URLs don’t die (very important)
  5. Add caching tools to maximise speed if required.

Will it be mobile friendly (responsive)

Yes, all our website use modern programming techniques that respond to the screen size making all themes are mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.

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