Converting Flash for iPad/iPhone use (and others)

When is Flash no more? There has been talk for sometime (actually years) that Flash is no longer used. First Apple said it and they meant it! Kindle also didn’t bother, but what about all the applications that are still out there and the (relatively) new ones like BlinkBox that use Flash, then there is iPlayer, YouYube I could go on.

We used to create Flash photo galleries, banners and interactive stuff. Now we’ve moved up, stopped using it and convinced our existing clients that they need to replace it with a more compatible animation program. So we started to use Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5 for animation instead. It works, looks great and can be viewed on all modern browsers! But wait, modern browsers you say, what about old browsers like the still fairly popular Internet Explorer 8. That would display it, then they’ll need Flash!

This is what has recently happened. We created a site using modern programming techniques for the animation. The client loved the work, but realised a lot of their corporate clients still use IE8. So we also needed to create a Flash version to replace the modern version if they are viewing the site using IE8.

Converting Flash for iPad and iPhone etc

If you would like your Flash site or parts of your site converted from Flash in to a format compatible with all MODERN browsers please get in touch.