How can I do SEO in an affordable way?

Before I waffle on I want to take SEO companies out of the equation.

There is one thing you need to know about Google and SEO. Google has been on a mission for over a decade to stop SEO companies because of their unscrupulous tactics. So you need to ask yourself can I trust a SEO company?

Talk to people about their experience of SEO companies and you’ll find more horror stories than a Stephen King collection. OK, so maybe horror is the wrong word for ‘I got ripped off’. Before I can answer the question about affordability you need to know a few things.

Of course we all want that top 10 ten position, number one if possible please! That’s the problem. Since I started 14 years ago SEO hasn’t really changed, the problem is that there are now so many websites and yet there are only 10 allowed on the first page of Google results (other search engines are available!).

Google doesn’t guess what your website is about it has to read the content just as a human does. It does this by sending out a robot, the robot will read the content of your website, even your images! And be assured that if a human finds the content dull and repetitive I can guarantee you Google will too. The content (your website) is gathered up and stored at Google, yep; it takes a duplicate of your website (cache). How else could it deliver millions of search results in under a second? While it has the copy of your website it can analyse it, it will read through it, work out if it’s interesting and relevant to a person searching for the content. If your content is interesting, up to date and relevant good news you’re on the ladder to success!

I have always stated don’t hire an SEO company, hire a copy-writer. Nearly all SEO companies will bark on about meta data, title tags, descriptions, headers etc. all of which are important but without interesting and informative content, worthless. A good copy-writer will turn your boring one paragraph into three or four interesting paragraphs focusing on the keywords you want people to find. Most (yes most) SEO companies will sort out your meta data and charge you a monthly fee for the privilege!

So all I need is interesting and informative content and sort out my meta data and Google will list me above everyone else? In some cases this is true, I’ve managed to achieve page 1 on many occasions, but remember there are only about 10 results on page 1 and we all want to be on there. If we all have good interesting content how will Google decide? Your website may claim to be selling the tastiest beer, or offering the cheapest hotel or best restaurant but Google wants to know who else thinks this is true, it will look at other websites to verify your claims. Google will register other links on other websites that point to your website, and if these links are relevant (Hotel to Hotel for example) this will help Google’s decision in placing your website in the rankings.

And so to answer the question…

Here’s how you make it affordable:

  1. Hire an copy-writer, one that knows about SEO. This will generally be a one-off fee.
  2. Hire a Public Relations company to generate interesting articles and publish them on the internet this will create some good in-bound links.
  3. Join Facebook groups and post within the groups, include links to offers etc. in your post the lead back to your website.
  4. If you’re having a website developed your developer should know about SEO and should do the initial work. You wouldn’t buy a washing machine without an on switch; a website without basic SEO could be as useless.
  5. Don’t touch an SEO company. If you do want to, ask for a guarantee and test their reaction!
  6. If you want Page 1 Position 1 pay Google, 9 times out of 10 this will work out cheaper than paying an SEO company! At the time of writing Google will give you £75 or £150 funding for your first campaign!

Hire an SEO company and after 6 months you could be left scratching your head thinking what happen to all that money? Follow the six steps above you’ll save money, have interesting content on your website and Google will love you too.