Ecommerce partnership

Looking for an ecommerce partnership?

So, you have the stock and maybe even a shop and you’re not sure if selling online will work? Setting up an ecommerce business online can be expensive, it also needs to be managed. Without looking after and prompting your online shop you’re not going to get much of a return. Would you just leave your shop unattended?

What we can do

We can form a ecommerce partnership, you’ll have your very own web company monitoring on prompting your online shop, it could be totally free we would just need to agree how the profit was shared. Using this method it is in both our interests to make sure your products sell. So we work on optimisation (making sure products appear in search engines), we may also look at selling on Amazon or ebay and Google advertising (adwords). There is also the management of Facebook and twitter.

How we setup the ecommerce partnership

We have over 12 years experience in developing and prompting website so we believe we know what can sell. If we think your products will sell we would design and develop an ecommerce shop to sell your products. Once the ecommerce (online shop) is up and running we’ll then start to promote using many of the channels available, this could include Amazon and ebay. At the end of each month we’ll invoice you for an agreed percentage of the sales (profit). We would own the website but you would have the option to purchase it and stop the ecommerce partnership at anytime.

What to next

Call us or contact us and we’ll discuss ideas, costings etc.