Freelance Website Designer

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Over the years I’ve been a freelance website WordPress designer and developer for many different agencies including being the designer for a web development company who specialise in database driven websites but lacked the design skills. I’ve also provided the website and development arm for many marketing companies.

Pass me your project & I’ll get it done


I’ve been creating websites for over 14 years and continue to developed my skills set in order to not only provide my customers with the most up to date website but also to keep ahead of the competition in a very competitive industry. Today I work with WordPress and DMS. DMS sits on top of WordPress and allows me to develop a mobile and tablet friendly website quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right freelance website designer may seem like a daunting exercise but I’ve worked with all web technologies, know how to present the information, I know how to design better than most and I also know how to optimise a website.

Why WordPress

WordPress is starting to dominate the way in which websites are created. WordPress is now powering nearly 20% of Internet which proves it’s the number one choice of users, designers and developers. I’m available as a freelance website designer and can write the website in whichever language you require, however I recommend I freelance using WordPress to provide your client with the best future proof solution.

Why I’m the best choice for your freelance project

  • Extensive portfolio including NHS
  • Over 14 years experience in designing, developing and promoting websites
  • Have worked with designers and created the websites
  • Have provided designs that have been converted in websites
  • Extensive WordPress theme knowledge
  • Can help promote the website using optimisation or Adwords
  • Training expertise including PTLLS level 4
  • Experienced with most Adobe products including Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Indesign and Premiere
  • Freelance WordPress designer
  • Freelance WordPress developer
  • I’m a nice guy and I know we’ll enjoy working together