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Website marketing (Search Engine Optimisation)

Using Keywords and Meta Data just isn’t enough

There was a time when adding the right keywords and meta data to your site was enough, but now with millions of web pages competeing for that top spot, using keywords just isn’t enough. Today, search engine optimisation (SEO) goes beyond your own website. Google, for example, wants to know who else is saying you are who you say you are – it’s a type of vetting process. One way to achieve this is asking other revelant websites to link to your website. You can also encourage the public to talk about your company through the use of social media.

Helping those who search for you to find you

Before the emergence of the Internet, companies hired a marketing specialist to identify their target audience. You could send out a hundred brochures and get just a single positive response!

The Internet has altered the face of selling. Today, Internet marketing is much more to do with who is looking for you.

Millions of web searches are made every day. Some will be made by people searching for your service or product. Let’s suppose you run holiday cottages in Cornwall. You need to make sure that it’s your cottages that come up in a web search.

That’s where we can help. Search engines like Google crawl websites, remembering and recording keywords and other coded information – they use these to make their searches. We are experts at working with the search engines. Our approach to Internet marketing is entirely ethical, and we follow the strict guidelines laid down by Google. As a result, Google gives our sites high ratings.

Intelligent Internet marketing can have a spectacular impact on your business growth. Our coordinated approach to the web means that you’ll gain a powerful marketing tool for promoting your products or services. Contact us now!

Internet marketing elsewhere

It’s rare these days that people aren’t thinking about getting the right keywords and phrases in their web pages, so how do search engines pick the order of results if everyone has the right keywords? Search engines turn to ‘off the page’ marketing, this is where search engines look at other websites that are linking to your website. If another relevant business (same business sector) is linking to you, then a search engine will take that into account. It’s a bit like another company recommending you – a search engine relies on this to help create the order in its search results.

Blogs and social networks

Other types of media also help to make your website more popular such as social networking. Having a Blog will allow you to write information or news stories about your company. There is a good chance that a Blog article could get picked up by other networks such as Facebook or Digg. Social networks provide a great way to get your site known. The more popular your website becomes, the higher you will appear in the search engines.

Free Internet marketing analysis

Having good organic (in other words “free”) listings in search engines isn’t easy and don’t let anyone tell you differently – some companies who say they can get you to the top of the search engines are normally just after your money and can’t actually guarantee results. It is possible however to get great results, often on page one for certain specific words relevent to your business. Contact us and we’ll talk you through ways of improving your website Internet Marketing in a simple and informative way. It could make a lot of difference to your business!

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