Facebook for Business

We’ll keep your business Facebook page up to date

facebook2In December 2011 Facebook statistics showed that it is used by 845 million each month.

Think of Facebook as the world’s largest coffee shop, where groups of friends get together and share photos and conversation.


We’ll manage your business Facebook page

If you’re looking to tap into the marketing potential of Facebook, we can help. We are able to create your Facebook business page, design your cover page and help build relationships with your customers by updating posts (comments) on a regular basis on your behalf. We’ll also keep track of customer comments. In a nutshell – we can manage as much of your business Facebook page as required, with the ultimate goal of attracting people to your website.

Facebook statistics

Just a few days after publishing your business Facebook page, you will be able to access ‘Inslights’ which will show you pageviews, number of fans, reviews, who’s talking about you and much more.

Facebook advertising – leave it to us

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to get your business advert seen by the audience that matches your business. Your advert has the potential to be shown by location, age and even by interests. For example if your company specialises in creating wedding cakes you could actually target engaged females in your area. All you need to do is specify a daily budget you are comfortable with (we can adjust this at anytime) and we’ll do the rest. Unlike some other companies we’ll show you that your entire budget is used to pay Facebook.

If you would like to know more about how we can help promote your business through Facebook please contact us on: 01732 865011.