Paying to advertise

Page 1 of Google in under 30mins – sound good?

Managing your online advertising

With paid for advertising such as Google Adwords you really can get on Page 1 in under 30 minutes. You only pay Google if someone clicks on your advert – this is called Pay Per Click (PPC). A click could cost less than 5p per click and there is no minimum spend. We can set a daily budget too, so it’s simple to control your spend.

Just a few things we do

  • Run campaigns on Google, Bing and Facebook
  • Research the best relevant keywords
  • Do regional advertising if required
  • Optimise the campaign
  • Report back to you weekly
  • Check and improve landing pages
  • Write eye-catching adverts

Assessing your Return of Investment (ROI)

Unlike other forms of advertising, online advertising such as Google Adwords provides a comprehensive reporting system so we can start to build a good understanding of your ROI quickly and accurately within a week. For example you may set a weekly budget of £40. After the first week you will be able to tell how many sales or enquiries that £40 has generated.

Use Facebook for specific targetting

Facebook holds a lot of personal data about the people who use it. This allows us to advertise to specific groups of people. For example, if your business wanted to advertise to women, engaged, aged 20 – 40 in the Yorkshire area, Facebook lets you do just that. For more information visit our Facebook for business page or contact us.