Search Engine Optimisation

The key to a successful website?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A simplified approach to SEO that after 16 years still works

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means ensuring that your website is as relevant as possible to the content you’re trying to promote. Sound simply? It is simply, but you will be amazed just how many website companies don’t do the very basic optimisation required. We still do the very basic Search Engine Optimisation we did 16 years ago today, the basic concept hasn’t changed and it still works today. Whilst the competition is far greater many web companies seemed to have given up on promoting the websites they design. We spend up to three months helping you get a return on your investment.

We do SEO on all websites we create

Content is king. The right content serves multiple purposes. It can encourage potential customers or clients to do business with you. It also tells the search engines what your website is all about. That’s why all websites we develop go through our SEO process before they are launched.

The right SEO can have a spectacular impact on your business growth. Our coordinated approach to the web means that you’ll gain a powerful marketing tool for promoting your products or services. 

SEO the key to success?

Today there are several avenues in which we can drive relevant customers to your website, there is no longer a need to try and be the first website in Google, although Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important there isn’t a need to spend thousands with notourious SEO companies, it’s no longer the only marketing tool on offer. With tools like Google Business, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for example all at your disposal, tools which aren’t controlled by complex algorithms (like Google) but instead we can help you to influence real people interested in what you do to visit your website.

SEO with social media, blogging & emails campaigns, now we’re talking…

Combine SEO with social media, blogging and email marketing campaigns to generate quality traffic to your website. SEO is a vital part of any website, but in order to drive customers to your website we now encourage and manage social media such as Facebook, twitter and Trip Advisor. Using social media can encourage people to talk about your business can help turn them into customers. A separate blog section can be used to continually build exposure in search engines and keep your website fresh. Email marketing campaigns can keep your customers informed of any new business developments or products.

All have the ultimate goal of building relationships and driving people to your website.