Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A simplified approach to SEO that after 14 years still works

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means ensuring that your website is as relevant as possible to the content you’re trying to promote. Sound simply? It is simply, but you will be amazed just how many website companies don’t do the very basic optimisation required. We still do the very basic Search Engine Optimisation we did 14 years ago today, the basic concept hasn’t changed and it still works today. Whilst the competition is far greater many web companies seemed to have given up on promoting the websites they design. We spend up to three months helping you get a return on your investment.

Why we’re different

Our approach to SEO is different because we charge less and deliver more, furthermore we’re so confident there is NO on-going contract, just a monthly fee that you can cancel at any time. Here’s a brief look at what we do:

  • Firstly we analyse your website, using the report we’ll fix your website SEO
  • We connect over time with a database of over 3,500 business exchanging links where appropriate
  • You can login at any time and review your quarterly report, so it’s total transparent
  • There is no on-going contract, you can cancel at any time (although this may affect your positioning)
  • Prices start from £65.00 per month, a small price to pay for more business
  • You’ll see changes in search results normally within the first quarter

We do SEO on all websites we create

Content is king. The right content serves multiple purposes. It can encourage potential customers or clients to do business with you. It also tells the search engines what your website is all about. That’s why all websites we develop go through our SEO process before they are launched.

The right SEO can have a spectacular impact on your business growth. Our coordinated approach to the web means that you’ll gain a powerful marketing tool for promoting your products or services.

Building links are the key to success

Having the right SEO on your website is no longer enough to drive customers to your website. Most website developers today understand how to do SEO so the competition for a top 20 position is tough. What search engines like Google require is that other relevant (not related) websites link up in some way. Inbound links are now considered the most important part of SEO. We have access to thousands of link partners that will create solid, legitimate inbound links that will help your website positioning. The process takes time, it can’t be rushed but the long-term strategy means your website stays ranked higher for longer.

SEO with social media, blogging & emails campaigns

Combine SEO with social media, blogging and email marketing campaigns to generate quality traffic to your website. SEO is a vital part of any website, but in order to drive customers to your website we now encourage and manage social media such as Facebook, twitter and Trip Advisor. Using social media can encourage people to talk about your business can help turn them into customers. A separate blog site can be used to continually build exposure in search engines and email marketing campaigns can keep your customers informed of any new business developments or products. All have the ultimate goal of building relationships and driving people to your website.

All traffic can be monitored using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools. Both these tools are again part of all website development project.