NHS Website Design Case Study

Working within budget and to tight deadlines

Approached by a South West sector of the NHS to create a more professional website to help them move away from Google Sites and Google Docs. The aim was to have their own website on their own domain name.


NHS Website Design

This sector of the NHS needed a website design that would take into account the increasing number of mobile users and still run as it expected for those visitors running IE8. The results was a responsive theme that changed shape depending on the screen size.

Document management

NHS WordPress Theme Website Design

NHS Website Design

The NHS needed a members area and document management system, whereby other NHS organisations could access provided they had the relevant authorisation to download the documents.

We provided the ability to upload Word Docs, PDF’s and Excel Spreadsheets. We then made sure that registered users could easily be added to the relevant folders in order to gain access. An additional requirement for the document management was to allow access rights at file level. Other features included the ability to record the number of downloads and by who and giving authorised users the ability to search the content of documents included PDF’s.

Meeting Diary

We created the ability for meetings to be added to the diary so that authorised personnel could view meetings details and add them to their own calendars.

Content Management

They choose WordPress to give them full control over the content of the website, document management, meetings, Google Maps and website content including banners, images and text content.

At a glance

  • NHS Website Design
  • Members Area
  • Document Management
  • Search Facility for website content and within Documents.
  • Google Maps
  • Meetings diary
  • Full content management
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Admin controlled Title and Description Meta Tags (for SEO).

On time and on budget

The NHS WordPress theme together with document management was create on time and within budget working closely with their own IT department.

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