Old website to New website

At Four Degrees West we have been helping businesses with their online presence for over 15 years. So when it’s time to upgrade to a new website we are more than ready to help.

We were recently asked to create a new website for a small business specialising in Reproductive Fertility The old website created in 2006 pre WordPress, was not generating any leads and had long since been dropped by Google.

The original website pre WordPress

Any new website design needs to be fully optimised for mobile devices which the old site certainly wasn’t. This is important these days as around 70% of visitors are likely to be on a mobile devise. Google will rank a fast mobile responsive site higher than one that isn’t optimised for mobile.


The new website for 2019

Within days of the new website going live the leads starting coming in from the website. It just goes to show a new up-to date WordPress website design, fully optimised for mobile and setup correctly for SEO (search engine optimisation) can make a big difference to your website performance.