SEO – some companies have given up

Internet marketing: making sure that the people looking for you can find you

What is Internet marketing?

In the old pre-Internet days, companies hired a marketing specialist to identify their target audience. You could send out a hundred brochures and get just a single positive reply!

The Internet has altered the face of selling. Today, Internet marketing is much more to do with who is looking for you.

Millions of web searches are made every day.  Some will be made by people searching for your service or product. Let’s suppose you run holiday cottages in Cornwall. You need to make sure that it’s your cottages that come up in a web search.

Why have some companies given up then?

From day one search engines like Google crawl websites looking to match the search request to the most relevant websites. So why then have many companies who build websites given up on the simple steps required to aid the website in getting found when they are crawled? We’re not talking about hours of work here either, just some simple additions to the code and the page such as titles and headings that could make a big difference.

Our approach to Internet marketing is entirely ethical, and we follow the strict guidelines laid down by Google. As a result, Google gives our sites high ratings.

Intelligent Internet marketing can have a spectacular impact on your business growth. Our coordinated approach to the web means that you’ll gain a powerful marketing tool for promoting your products or services.