Putting things right again!

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to do the work just wish we were the ones that created the project in the first place. We seem to be the people that others call upon when things go wrong time and time again, when a company has problems getting their website finished they seem to come to us to fix it or finish it. There are a lot of web companies out there, more than there are plumbers and electricians put together and choosing the right one isn’t always easy.

Simple questions to ask before they build a website

You need to be aware of at least the very basics requirements when you are commissioning a new website:

  1.  Have you got what they said they will deliver in writing?
  2. Are you ready to hand over the content including images?
  3. Do you have a realist idea of what it is you/your company hope to achieve?
  4. Will you have full control over the content once the website is ready or even during the website development stage?
  5. Very simple website optimisation can be done before the website goes live. It’s quick and simple but you will be surprised by how many companies just don’t bother!

Common sense questions to ask your website company before they developed your website.