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WordPress powers over 17%

Did we tell you we use WordPress to build are websites, I know, just a few times! With bespoke design and the power of WordPress means our customers great the best most user friendly Content Management System available. A big claim you may think? WordPress now powers...

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5 enquiries in 24 hours!

The power of advertising with Google We launched a website for a new B&B late one Wednesday afternoon at the same time we started a Google advertising campaign. The campaign focused on all the obvious relevant keywords and phrases such as B&B Scarborough, bed...

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Ecommerce partnership

Looking for an ecommerce partnership? So, you have the stock and maybe even a shop and you're not sure if selling online will work? Setting up an ecommerce business online can be expensive, it also needs to be managed. Without looking after and prompting your online...

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Converting Flash for iPad/iPhone use (and others)

When is Flash no more? There has been talk for sometime (actually years) that Flash is no longer used. First Apple said it and they meant it! Kindle also didn't bother, but what about all the applications that are still out there and the (relatively) new ones like...

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Export Buddypress xProfile Data

We recently added additional fields to BuddyPress profile. The administrator of the website wanted to see all members profile data in an Excel spreadsheet. Although there is currently no way to view the data in this format it is simple to extract it from the database....

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Zencart, Magento, OScommerce to Woocommerce?

Want to move to new ecommerce software? Just because you spent the last few years updating your stock, taking orders and building a good customer database that you are stuck with the same shopping cart engine such as Zencart, OScommerce or Magento. WordPress...

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We have lift off (at last!)

Our new website is launched! One of the most difficult jobs we find is developing our own website. Like a mechanic's car, you never seem to be able to find the time to work on your own business - besides trying to find the time, you don't get paid to do it either! But...

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Show correct prices for Opencart Options

If like us you don't think it's a great idea to leave it to the customer to calculate the correct options value in Opencart we did a quick hack and copied here in case you're looking for a similar solution. After some small changes to the file the options for the...

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