WP-Filebase Pro license key activation fail


Wp-filebase pro requires a license key!

We used WordPress and the wp-filebase plugin for a number of projects and we are now convinced the developer is no longer interested in updating the license server or supporting further updates to the WP-FileBase plugin. No updates since 2017, contact form will not allow you to send and raised support tickets are never answered. Just about the only reply you will get from the website is in the blog section leaving a comment with users having the same problems. The payment process still works so whatever you do not buy this software it will not work.

WP-Filebase Pro Connection to license server failed

Wp-filebase was a fantastic plugin to organise and upload your files and if like us you’ve purchased the pro license key you will no longer be able to access the plugin from the dashboard as the license server is offline making the plugin completely unusable. You will probably see the following error when you try to activate your WP-Filebase Pro licence key:

Activation failed: Connection to license server failed. Make sure the server has an internet connection. If it is behind a proxy add the proxy configuration to wp-config.php. Please try again later or ask your hosting provider for details.’

We are currently (August 2019) converting all our wp-filebase pro WordPress websites to an alternative plugin depending on your current file setup this can be done relatively quickly and usually without too much downtime.

There are alternatives, here’s how we can help

We can either develop your own simple plugin or help implement one of the many other File Base plugins available. Please get in touch if you need help or advice.