Zencart, Magento, OScommerce to Woocommerce?

Want to move to new ecommerce software?

Just because you spent the last few years updating your stock, taking orders and building a good customer database that you are stuck with the same shopping cart engine such as Zencart, OScommerce or Magento.

WordPress (WooCommerce) v Magento

WooCommerce v Magento there isn’t much competition, well we don’t get why you would use Magento. We’ve created shopping shops using Zencart (in the old days), Magento, Jigoshop, Opencart and WooCommerce. Are least favorite has been Magento due to the size and resource required to run it, it’s very cumbersome to customise and not very user-friendly for an administration point of view, don’t get us wrong from a customer/client (front-end) point of view it runs very well (provided your servers are up for the job!), but you can’t dispute that fact that WordPress now powers over 17% of the Internet, join this with one of the shopping programs such as WooCommerce and you have a simple, powerful and future proof solution. As standard WooCommerce has all the options needed to run your online shop making it very simple for the shop owner (administrator) to become competent very quickly. Magento will just overwhelm the shop owner!

Simple steps, one shopping cart to another

With WordPress and WooCommerce growing in popular we can use mapping software that matches the table names from one database to another. All customer records, orders, stock, products and categories can be simply transferred automatically. Allowing you to take advantage of the most popular Content Management System in the world!

If you would like to know more about our migration service from Zencart to Magento or moving from any other shopping cart software please contact us.

Example Zencart to WooCommerce

Zencart Website

Old Zencart website
Difficult to manage not mobile friendly, or very search engine friendly.

Website converted to WordPress

New WooCommerce website
Modern, easy to manage, mobile friendly website using WooCommerce.


Can you do this with Magento?

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